We not only develope certain information skills but also emphasize the moral and law accomplishment which is essential in this Internet society in the field of information course. We joined Taiwan Web Exihibit in recent years, and our students explore the environment of our hometown through the leading of the teacher.

In the year of 99 we won the silver prize in the group of the characteristic of local specialties by using the information skills to search , sort and publish the research result in the name of the trip of the green miracle in our hometown—Soya beans. The teaching of the robot is a point in our school. We arrage 8 basic computer courses a week in the first semester of Grade 5 and 6 to let the students know all kinds of sensors and the pattern design logic. We also hold robot camps in summer and winter vacation , providing the chance for students to design the structure of the robot personal.

We arrange a class robot competition in grade 5 and 6 every year, and select the best team to join the competition between schools. In the year of 99 , we won the first prize of Worldwild Robot Contest selecting game Interscholastic Cup(WRO) in the regions of Yun-Lin , Chia-Yi and Tainan by the team “ Electric Hsin Hsih” that is composed of the members Tzejay Lin , Chanlin Hsu , and Bokai Lan.

Besides that ,we carry out “ science fun contests” and “ science fairs”to let the students have the chances to think about questions , solve the problems and improve what they learn to deepen the basic science ability of the students. We also hold “Science Magic camps”in holidays to increase the experience of personal operations and develop the method and the spirit of the research of science.

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