Originally Sinshih was an important inhabited area of the Hsin Kang ,Pinpu and Selahya tribes. It was an important passing through place when you went to Tainan. Sinshih was a typical agricultural township in its early age, owing to its convenient transportation , and recently became the location of Tainan Science Park. With the background of traditional culture and high-technology, Sinshih is becoming the most important township in southern Taiwan. We expect our kids to know the rich historical and cultural resources,so we plan a series of study curriculum including five topics of historic places, foods, ecology, special products and cultural relics.

1. Historic places- historic site tourism- Zhang ancient house,Yongan temple.

2. Delicious foods-foods feast-stinky tofu, Sinshih pig's feet.

3. Ecology-environmental protect ecology-flood detention pond in Tainan Science Park,ecology base in Dazhou,LM district.

4. Special Products- luscious products--wax apple,plain coffee,soya bean.

5. Cultural relics-testimony history-Nanke archaeology center,Hsin Kang cultural relic hall,Dashe cultural relic hall.

Through these courses,we can let our kids understand ancient and modern history of our hometown and introduce them to more people.

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