Principal of Sinshih Elementary School


TEL: 886-06-5992895#800

Internet TEL: 272001


Educational Background:

Department of Education in National University of Taiwan Master Degree
Department of Education in National Taipei University of Education
Department of Education in National University of Taiwan

Working Experience:

Municipal Jinsyue Elementary School in Tainan City –
Director of General Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs(2003.08-2011.07)
Tainan Municipal Dagang Elementary School–teacher and chief(1995.08-2003.07)
Kaoshsiung City Fengshan District Tsau Gung elementary school–teacher(1989.08-1995.07)

Educational Ideal:

Developing Holistic Education, Inspiring potential, Concern for the disadvantaged people, supplying learning opportunity and self-confidence.


Professional Management: Leadership and Efficiency.
Creative Management: High-quality education and Native culture.
Various Resource: Marketing and creating teaching resource.


Division of Educational Affairs

Director of Educational Affairs Division KAO, TE-FA Phone ext.810
Chief of Curriculum and Instruction Section HSIEH, MING-LIN Phone ext.812
Chief of Registration Section LI, CHIA-LING Phone ext.811
Chief of Information Management Section SU, CHIEN-CHENG Phone ext.813
Reading and Library Education HSU, SHU-YUN Phone ext.814


Division of Student Affairs

Director of Student Affairs Division YANG, TSUNG-YING Phone ext.820
Chief of Disciplinary and Student Activities Section LI, TA-CHANG Phone ext.821
Chief of Physical Education and Hygiene Section SU, CHENG-CHIH Phone ext.822
Health center LIN, MEI-TSU Phone ext.824
The Executive Secretary of Luncheon SUN,CHI-YING Phone ext.823
Nutritionist YANG,HSIU-CHEN Phone ext.825


Division of Genenal Affairs

Director of General Affairs Division LIN, YU-LIN Phone ext.830
Chief of General Affairs Section SU, CHAN-CHIN Phone ext.831
Chief of Cashier Section YANG, YO-LIN Phone ext.832
Chief of Documentation Section HSIAO, YU-HUA Phone ext.833
Guard   Phone ext.888


Division of Counseling

Director of Counseling Division WENG, CHUAN-HUNG Phone ext.840
Chief of Special Education Section LU, JIAN-ZHI Phone ext.841
The Executive Secretary of Art Education HOU, YI-JUN Phone ext.842


Personnel Office

Director SHIH, KUO-CHUAN Phone ext.850


Accounting Office

Director YU, CHUN-CHAN Phone ext.860


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